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Onshape is a next-generation SaaS design platform that speeds up product development. It’s an all-in-one system that combines CAD, release management, workflow, collaboration, analytics, admin tools, and an API with more than 50 engineering applications. Onshape helps extended design teams work together faster and helps executives make better business decisions with real-time analytics and unprecedented visibility into their company’s design and manufacturing processes.

Thousands of companies rely on Onshape to modernize and streamline their product development cycle. Onshape users in 170+


Accelerate time-to-market

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, it’s no surprise that speed-to-market usually wins. Onshape is the only product development platform that can be instantly deployed on any computer or mobile device, enabling teams to work together globally and rapidly. Teams can experiment on design alternatives together or independently from one another without affecting each other’s work. Real-time design reviews, commenting, and simultaneous editing enable a collaborative workflow where multiple design iterations can be completed in parallel, and when approved, the best elements can be merged into the final design. Product specifications and drawings can be instantly shared with your manufacturing team or suppliers to get the best possible product to market before your competition.

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Zero IT Footprint

Onshape requires no downloads, installations, or license codes. You can access Onshape’s cloud-based platform with any modern web browser from your Mac, PC, Chromebook, or Linux computer. Administrators can instantly provision and de-provision seats to scale their design team and meet fluctuating business needs. Built-in version control eliminates the need for PDM systems with dedicated servers and network infrastructure, software upgrades, and licensing. Onshape frees your IT team from CAD and PDM maintenance and empowers your engineers to spend more time designing and less time dealing with software issues, locked files, and incompatible file types.

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Risk Mitigation and IP Protection

With traditional file-based CAD, your product designs and intellectual property are subject to unauthorized duplication, data breaches, or even accidental sharing. Onshape’s database-driven architecture eliminates these kinds of security risks. There are no files to copy or manage. Designs are stored and tracked with complete version history, allowing you to audit or roll back changes as needed. Strict, role-based access control keeps your design data secure at all times. Every designer, engineer, contractor, or supplier involved in the product design lifecycle is given specific permissions and rights. Instant deprovisioning means when a contract is complete, or an engineer leaves the company or changes roles, you can immediately revoke their access to the project.

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Eliminate Silos

Onshape is the only product development platform that includes real-time data management. When one team member anywhere in the world makes a design change, everyone else instantly sees it. Built-in version control significantly reduces costly manufacturing errors. Distributed teams can simultaneously explore alternative design ideas and converge on the best solution. A simplified CAD viewer mode allows your sales team to demonstrate the latest product designs to customers, share models with suppliers to get earlier quotations, or send early prototypes to your marketing department. Up-to-the-minute analytics and reporting tools offer greater transparency to project stakeholders and enable easier project management.

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Consolidated Billing    

Select Your Creo Package:

For organizations that require best-in-class product development tools, customized workflow, role-based access control, and design analytics.


For small, medium & consulting businesses that require a product development platform including CAD, release management, and data management.


For single-seat users who require modern CAD tools with modest collaboration and data management needs.


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