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What is Augmented Reality (AR) ?

Augmented reality [AR] is a technology that consists of superimposing virtual 3D objects - generated in real-time - on the image of the real world, with the use of image processing devices. These can be glasses, cameras, smartphones, or tablets.

In AR technology, virtual objects adapt in their appearance in the same way that physical objects do in the real world. It has been used for several years, incl. in games, navigation, interior design, education, shopping, and more.

2020-09-07 IMG PTC Vuforia factory .png
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Augmented reality environment for industrial solutions

PTC has been the owner of the world's leading AR technology since 2015 | VR - Vuforia. This technology, acquired from Qualcomm, allowed for the creation and development of its industrial applications.

The use of AR technology in industrial conditions opens up completely new possibilities in the field of providing and sharing visual information and using it in the creation of virtual guides, operating instructions, process instructions [e.g. assembly], virtual service applications, etc. This technology also perfectly supports group communication processes, functional simulation visualizations, training applications, and marketing and advertising presentations [ e.g. prototype demonstrations].

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Vuforia is a comprehensive, scalable enterprise AR platform. Our wide-ranging solution suite ensures that we can provide the right AR technology to every customer based on their business needs.

Vuforia Products

Create and publish Augmented Reality industry experiences on an enterprise scale

Access and share Augmented Reality experiences quickly and easily

Connect technicians and experts via remote assistance with Augmented Reality

Develop Augmented Reality applications with advanced vision and recognition

Quickly create and share an expert Augmented Reality how-to guide

Industrial Augmented Reality solutions

Augmented Reality is transforming companies in many industries. Find out how you are remodeling yours:

Laser Cutting


As complexity and demand for products grow exponentially, manufacturers of industrial products are looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

Improve production, training, and service processes for your industrial products with PTC's Vuforia augmented reality solutions. Create scalable AR content that incorporates loT data in real-time.

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