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  • General Terms of Sales :
    If the date of delivery of the goods is not indicated in the document or in advance, it shall be considered the due date of the document. The paramount price includes delivery without product setup. The product setup has a separate cost if it wasn't included or mentioned in the quote. Objections related to the quality or specifications of the products shall be sent by the buyer to RAM Systems Company Ltd within 7 working days from the date of delivery, and the related quantities shall be separated and kept safely until the examination of RAM Systems Company Ltd, and if no objection is made as mentioned above Products are deemed to be categorically accepted by the Buyer. RAM Systems Company Ltd reserves the right to charge 100 SAR for each returned check. Despite delivery, RAM Systems Company Ltd shall retain title to all delivered products until full payment of all amounts due has been received. At any time. If Buyer fails to make any payment when due, RAM Systems Company Ltd may take back or redeem Products subject to retention of title. Such refund shall not constitute rescission or termination. Buyer hereby assigns RAM Systems Company Ltd any proceeds (including accounts receivable) derived from the sale of Products as security for its obligations under this Agreement until the full amount due has been paid and will execute any document to master the task requested by RAM Systems Company Ltd.
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